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Astrology is a tool, or group of tools, that offers an individual with a roadmap to allow them to go deeper within themselve and gain awareness of connections which they may have felt on some level, and at the same time, were in need of clarification on.  Astrology does not define your life, it allows you to gain more information to decide the path you choose, and recognize when you are caught in patterns that no longer serve you.

What is a Horoscope?

To the Greeks, who coined the word, horoscope referred solely to the Ascendant or Rising Sign and therefore to a very individual point, which is determined by the exact moment of birth. Later, horoscope was equated with the entire birth chart, with all the zodiac signs and zodiac symbols, based on the time, place, and date of birth.  This is what is often termed your astrological chart in western astrology.

While predicting the timing of probable events is one feature of astrology, there are many others. It serves as a tool to understand the challenges in one's life, yours as well as those you wish to know. It provides an insight into the talents and challenges that comprise the character not only of you as a person, but of your business, your relationships, and any important encounter. It can help you better manage life's most perplexing problems and prepare you, beforehand, to get the most out of future events as well as offering you feedback on how you might want to shift yourself to shift future events.

What makes astrology so appealing is its application in any area of life. Astrology is about the meaning of each and any moment, and when an event happens, there is a unique signature that astrology can represent, and a good astrologer can read.

Depending on one's belief system, astrological information may be determined various ways and may be read in numerous fashions.  There is western astrology, vedic astrology and various other forms of this art. 

The information on this site is meant to offer an overview, for a more in-depth look at how your personal astrology chart may offer insight into your life, you may begin by purchasing a chart and/ or choose to work with an independent astrologer.  If you'd like a free glimpse at a daily or monthly forecast, click on the links below.

Our goal is not only to offer you the many resources for gaining astrological information from various viewpoints to provide you with the resources to determine the best path of knowledge to fit your life.

Resources available include:

  • Daily, monthly and FREE personal astrology reports based on your unique birthdate through our partners.  (see below for links)
  • The Holistic Directory for access to personal astrologers.
  • Articles on Astrology and Monthly Reports(coming soon) on this site to provide you with information on current shifts that my affect you.
  • An overview of mercury retrograde periods.  Click here for more.
  • And more.

Let us know if there are other resources you would like to see and/or share!

Here is a link for your free daily forecast with our new partner!  Let us know what you think!


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