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In the Spotlight

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Spotlight on Integrative Medicine

This month, we are offering a personal experience of holistic healing offered by a Holistic Healer/Educator.

As a holistic practitioner, I'm often asked if I am against allopathic medicine.  I reply that I'm not against any medicine or healing method that helps an individual.

Let me offer an example of what I'm talking about:

A client of mine, we'll call him Rich to keep anonymity(and he agreed to me posting this information by changing his name only) came to me as he was dealing with depression.  Rich wasn't on any medication when he came to me but he had been on Prozac in the past and he felt it had really helped him get through some rough times.  He was considering getting on it again and yet was struggling because, as a yoga teacher and wellness coach himself, he felt quite a bit of negativity and judgment coming from his colleagues and students around the topic of mental health drugs.  Many of them told him that yoga should be enough, and that caused an inner conflict within Rich that was causing him to feel even more depressed.

I encouraged Rich to look at allopathic medicine as a tool that may or may not be useful in his healing.  I also encouraged him to check in to see what his struggle was about and we did a bit of NLP(neuro-linguistic programming) to see what the inner conflict was about.  We found a part of him felt that he should be able to get through this without regular medicine and another part was feeling judged and wanted to go back on the prozac because last time he was on it was the only time he didn't feel depressed.  After that session, Rich felt he might begin prozac again, yet, while I was totally for his doing what was right for him, I didn't feel we were at a resolution stage yet and asked him to wait a week until we had the next session before making a decision.

The next session we began to integrate the parts and found that the reason why the 'pro-prozac part' was going toward prozac was not about the prozac, it was about the way he felt on prozac and we found that this part was not 100% toward prozac, rather, it didn't know of alternative resources.  We found that there were some other alternatives that he could try that might have the same effect and that inner part chose to expand it's resources before jumping back into something that may or may not be the answer. 

After performing muscle-testing(applied kinesiology) with various supplements that affect mood, he tested very well for 5-HTP and Primrose Oil.  We checked in and both parts were congruent with trying these supplements first and knowing that if in the future it was necessary, they would consider prozac.  This allowed for a both/and option rather than an either/or which released the inner conflict and allowed Rich to truly embrace trying new options.  This also alleviated some of the depression which had really been caused by the self-judgment around needing to take something to help himself as the new options allowed for the possibility that more holistic methods had potential.

After a month on the two supplements, Rich was feeling better, yet, not 100%.  I tested various meridian lines in the body and checked in with his energy matrix system and my inner guidance said he might benefit from a supplement that offered a strengthening of the core system, rather than one focused on the mind alone.  Rhodiola was the first thing that came to mind and he tested so well for it we decided to add it to the regimine (please note:  I do not advise starting 5-HTP and Rhodiola at the same time, please, if you choose this for yourself, leave at least a month in between for your system to fully integrate either of them or you may end up having side-effects such as headache, muscle aches, anger, anxiety, etc. as they work with different aspects of your energy system and when they try to integrate at the same time, can conflict.).

A month later Rich was feeling back to his old self and was enjoying the reality he had created by being open to whatever tools might help him, rather than limiting his options by trying to do what the judging part felt was 'right'.

Since our initial work together, Rich and I have also done somatic-psychology and NLP work together to assist him in integrating other conflicting parts.  While he is enjoying taking the current supplement regimine, he keeps an open mind to changing his mind in the future:)

Thank you 'Rich' for allowing me to post this information.   May your story assist others on their path.

May we all live in the state of prosperity consciousness that brings us together in celebration.   

Blessings, love, and light,  

Jenifer Shapiro

Founder of The Empowerment Centre, LLC

In The Spotlight

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