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Mayan Calendar - Main

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Mayan Calendar - Main

The following information was offered by Carl Johan Calleman, a recognized expert on the Mayan Calendar and it's importance in the current cosmic shifting occuring.  We'd like to thank Carl for his work in this area and his kindness in allowing us to re-publish this material.   For more on his work and background, click here.

 Please click on the name of the article to go to the article page.

NEW ARTICLE - posted 10-05

The Mayan Calendar and the Process of Enlightenment

The Mayan calendar and the process of enlightenment have for long been regarded as two entirely separate approaches to life, especially as the origins of the two are to be found in two different hemispheres of our planet. The Mayan calendar is an understanding of the universe that obviously has its origin in the West, in the Native American traditions, whereas enlightenment is a state whose attainment has been the focus almost exclusively of Eastern traditions. Yet, as we are now living in a time when the West and the East are coming together this merging of traditions may include some that previously were considered as completely separate. In the emerging paradigm the Mayan calendar actually seems to furnish the time plan that charts humanityıs path towards enlightenment.

Such a unification of traditions is manifesting not the least in the work of Sri Kalki, operating out of India with its rich traditions of yogis and enlightenment, and yet looking upon his mission of bringing enlightenment to humanity within a temporal frame work that coincides with that of the Mayan calendar.

What is so special about the Mayan Calendar?

This is a brief easy-to-read discussion of why the Mayan Calendar is not just another calendar.

About Materialist and Spiritual Calendars

This article gives a brief discussion of the distinction to grasp when it comes to understanding the Mayan Calendar, the distinction between physically, materially based, mostly astronomical calendars on the one hand and the spiritual calendars that describe the evolution of consciousness on the other hand.

The Mayan Tzolkin Count or the Dreamspell

The Interest in the Mayan Calendar is Increasing Worldwide...During the past decade interest in the Calendars of the Maya has dramatically increased world-wide. Ultimately, this increasing interest is derived from the fact that a new consciousness of time is now emerging. A New Age gives rise to a new consciousness of time which in turn requires a new calendar for this to be expressed. This new consciousness of time is today commonly experienced either as if time is accelerating, or that it simply disappears. Maybe, in fact, the idea that time is a quantity is on its way out.

The Pyramid of Consciousness and the Nine Underworlds

This article gives a large scale overview of the structure of the Mayan Calendar and how this is describing a hierarchical structure of Nine Underworlds, which by the ancient Mayas were symbolized by Nine-Storied Pyramids.

Why the Creation Cycles do not end December 21 2012, but October 28, 2011

It is commonly said that the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012, and indeed from an archaeological point of view it is correct that the Mayan Long Count, the long term chronology used by the Maya, ends on this day. In light of the discovery that the Mayan calendar describes human history and the evolution of consciousness in the Cosmos it has however become apparent that this date is in error when it comes to pinpointing the day the cosmic creation cycles are completed.

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