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Partner and Affiliate Program

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Partner and Affiliate Program

Do you feel your company would be a great partner or affiliate partner for Holistic Hometown?

GREAT!  We love to set up win-win partnerships with like-minded businesses!

Here are a few opportunities we offer:

Our Partner Programs

Become a Link Partner

Becoming a Link Partner means you receive a free link on our Link Partners page by first placing a link to us on your site.  Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1:  Place a link to Holistic Hometown on your website in a location where users can view the link easily. 
Click here for information on inserting links.

Step 2: E-mail us at info@holistichometown with Link Partner in the subject and your user name(name of your login ID), web address where the link on your site back to our site can be found, and your e-mail in the text.  We will respond when your link is created.  All link partners receive a one-time coupon for 30% off your listings or ads!  (Request your coupon upon submittal.)

Become a Lotus Partner

If you are a holistic magazine or media publisher with a reader base of more than 15,000 people, you may be eligible for our Lotus Partner Program.  This program provides free advertising in exchange for exposure to your community.

Become a Mandala Partner

If you are a holistic business with a client base of over 15,000 holistically-based individuals, you may be eligible for our Mandala Partner Program.  This program offers free advertising in exchange for exposure to your community.

Become a Wellness Center and Holistic School Partner

Holistic Hometown is establishing our holistic education partners throughout the world.  These partners will be key locations for holistic hometown meetings, events and more.  We are currently accepting applications for New York City, Colorado (various locations), Milwaukee, Chicago, and other locations.  Feel free to contact us about these exciting partnership opportunities.

A note for schools:  If you are a holistically-oriented school with more than 1000 students, you may be eligible for a special discount for your students AND a free ad for your school.  If you are interested in learning more, send a note with your application with the number of students in your school, your programs offered, and how you communicate with your students(i.e. classroom,  newsletter, via teleclass, etc.) and we will contact you if you are eligible.

For more on our partner programs, contact our Partner Program Coordinator.


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